The ICS- UL is a research and postgraduate teaching institution  in the University of Lisbon, accredited by the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia) as an Associate Laboratory, ranked excellent, with a leadership role in the production and dissemination of advanced research in the various fields of the social sciences, both nationally and internationally.



Currently at the ICS- UL there are about 125 PhD students at different stages of preparing their dissertations. Around 65% receive FCT grants  32% are foreigners. PhD students are actively involved in a number of research activities (seminars, projects, lectures) and are free to develop their own ideas.



The ICS-UL has around 75 researchers who are  interested and available to supervise dissertations in the fields of Anthropology, Political Science, Human Geography, History, Social Psychology and Sociology.



The ICS promotes research of high quality in several fields and subject areas: the building of the modern world; citizenship and democratic institutions; sustainability: environment, risk and space; families, lifestyles and schooling; identity, migration and religion.


. Individually tailored tuition and tutorial supervision.
. Theoretical and methodological development and enhancement.
. Membership of an international and multidisciplinary community.
. Development of cross-disciplinary skills in specialized fields.
. Attendance at seminars and conferences on relevant and current topics.
. Sharing of experiences in an actively interdisciplinary environment.
. Low numerus clausus, and mobility between courses.
. Logistical support for research projects.
. Funds available for attending international conferences.
. Access to national and international academic journals and databases.
. Financial support for the purchase of books in each student’s specific research field.
. E-mail and personal account log-in for online resources.

. Work places for exclusive use of PhD students.