Fifth Annual Summer School in Social Network Analysis

15-20 July 2013


The organisation of this Summer School in its 5th edition reflects the importance attributed by ICS to training courses on quantitative and qualitative techniques, and research instruments aimed at improving research and scientific production in the various social science fields. The Fifth Annual Summer School in Social Network Analysis is an intensive course devoted to theory methods and application of social network analysis. This course is intended for students of the second and third cycles, researchers, academics and public administration members. 


Module 1 – 15-17 July

Introduction to social network analysis

10-13h – 14.30-17h

Objective: To introduce students to the main concepts, methods and measurement tools for analysing social networks.

Software: UCINET VI and Netdraw

Lecturers:  Marta Varanda (ICS-UL); António Santos (ISPA); Filipa Carvalho (ISEG-UTL)



Module 2 – 18-19 July

Statistics for social networks: P Models

10-13h – 14.30-17.00h

Objective: Introduction to statistical models (p* models) used in social network analysis.

Software: PNet

Lecturer: João Daniel (ISPA)



Module 3 - 20 July

Analysis of personal networks (ego-networks)

10-13h – 14.30-17.00h

Objective: Introduction to the theory and methods for analyzing personal networks.

Software: EGONET

Lecturer: Daniel Holgado Ramos (Universidade de Sevilha)



Tutorials - 17-20 July

Discussion of individual projects

Objective: Support in drafting or revising research projects using  the Social Network Analysis approach.

All lecturers


Fees per Module:

Module 1 = 150€ ; Module 2= 125€; Modulo 3= 75€



Postgraduate Studies Office -

Marta Varanda ( for details of course content and structure.


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