Fifth Summer School in Advanced Methods of Data Analysis


Applications  to be submitted until June 30th 



The Summer Schools have been established with a view to strengthening researchers’ profiles and continuing education in the research field. They are aimed at postgraduate students, researchers, university lecturers and public service managers who want to deepen their academic, research or professional résumés. The success of previous Summer Schools in this subject reflects the efforts and willingness of the ICS to organise tuition and professional development programmes involving the use of quantitative and qualitative research tools and techniques which seek to improve research and scientific output in the various fields of the social sciences.


This year the fifth Summer School on Advanced Methods of Data Analysis offers two modules which have a strong practical component, where participants will be able to start learning about Structural Equation Modelling and Multilevel Analysis.


Module 1 - 15-18 July

Demystifying Data Analysis: From Basic Statistics To Multivariate Analysis

Objective: To provide students with basic and advanced analysis of quantitative data in order to understand the subtlety in the procedures and the simplicity of the interpretation of results.

Software: SPSS

Requirements: General notions of basic statistics

Observations: Participants should bring a laptop computer to the working sessions.

Lecturer: Cícero Roberto Pereira (ICS - UL)


Module 2 - 23-26 July

Structural equation models with Mplus

Objective: Enable students to estimate structural equation models with latent variables using one of the most powerful tools available for testing theoretical models.

Software: Mplus

Requirements: Familiarity with data analysis using structural equation models

Observations: Participants should bring a laptop computer to the working sessions.

Lecturer: Cláudia Abreu Lopes (Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge)


Module 3 - 29-30 July

Introduction to information visualization: from data analysis to graphic communications

Objective: Promote visual literacy and create skills in the field of analysis and graphic communication using data structuring (location, alphabetical and temporal order, categorization and hierarchy) and graphic variables system criteria (position, size, weight, texture, color, orientation, and shape).

Observations: Participants should bring a laptop computer to the working sessions.

Lecturer: Pedro Duarte de Almeida (Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa/Design de Comunicação) & Ana Alexandrino da Silva (Investigadora)



Module 1 = 150€ ; Module 2 = 150€; Module 3 = 75€



Evaluation will be based on attendance. Participants who attend at least 90% of the course will be considered as having completed the course.



Postgraduate Studies Office -


Organising Committee

Cícero Roberto Pereira (ICS-UL)

Alice Ramos (ICS-UL)


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